Herlov + Team Update

Greetings, Vikings!

We want to update you on game progress, NFT marketplace, and drops as well as a new team member.

It’s a slow process, but we’re seeing progress.

🤓 All about NFTS

Let’s start with Fungible and Non Fungible Tokens. What is the difference between regular cryptocurrency and Non-fungible token?
Non fungible tokens are a unique set of data stored in a blockchain.

It assures that data wrapped inside and stored in a chain is a unique set and non intractable. It can’t be replaced or neither can be stolen and can only be transferred under a contract which we call Smart contract on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

There are 5 key aspect under which we define a NFT.

  1. Authenticity (It must have a Owner and Ownership can be verifiable using Smart Contract)
  2. Originality ( Every Single NFT is Unique and must contain data about it)
  3. Integrity (It is undividable and is autonomous in nature unlike other cryptocurrency coins)
  4. Unique Value (Every NFT is unique and its data is non replaceable with other NFT)
  5. Existence (It is always saved on blockchain with a unique address)
Why we use NFTs

Now the Question arises: what is the use of NFTs?

Yes you are right to have the trackable and authentic ownership of digital assets. Let’s take an example: you create a music track or some painting now you want this to share or sell on the internet.

How will you assure you are the real owner of that particular digital asset? Using this approach of NFTs we can assure who is the real owner without any governing body. That’s we are working on, making a decentralized internet where we don’t need any governing bodies to assure integrity, and ownerships of the assets on the internet, in every digital product.

NFTs in Games and Why it is needed?

Now you understand what NFTs are, and why it is used.

Now let’s talk about its first real world use case and that is games. Let’s take an example: you are playing a game which have 1,000 users and it’s a simple card collection game. In that game there is one card that is unique and only has a single copy and you have that card and all other users seeking that card . If we go to the traditional system it can be Buy or Sell using the server used by the game but in such cases it will remain decentralized rather than third party influence the trade (Game server) and other thing is that it can’t be verifiable on the internet . But we are talking about decentralized network where anyone on that network can verify the ownership.

That’s how the concept of NFTs in Games came in to existence where user can sell or buy unique items collected in game and sell on some NFT Market Place without any need to third party influence.

⚔️ SafeRune

SafeRune is a crypto token that is used to power Herløv by purchasing or forging items. It is the core economic and fungible currency used in the ecosystem. It’ll also be used in the future as a means to recharge Runes to reduce the cooldown of daily powers.

🎮 Herløv

As you know, Herløv is skill-based, round oriented, hardcore, isometric, NFT-driven Viking fighting game developed by Just-as-High (JAH) Games.
The goal is to create a competitive experience using a sophisticated combat system that truly allows those who master it to be victorious, and fairly win/lose loot. 

How NFTs will work inside of Herløv

Weapons like these will be used as NFTs for in-game equipment. Each weapon will have a generated design depending on class, or rarity. More unique weapons will be added over time, and in the future you’ll have the ability to forge weapons at a blacksmith.

saferune nfts

Saferune NFTs Marketplace

As you understand about the Saferune and its purpose. Now let us briefly describe the Saferune NFT marketplace. It will be the place where user of our games can buy and sell NFTs within our game (Herlov for now) in the First Phase.


In future we are planning to make a Unity SDK where users can add there NFTs on Binance Smart Chain within there game and can trade on same SafeRune NFT marketplace.
We are planning to make integration of NFTs and crypto coins within a game simple for all developers

Introducing Hamza

Hazma is a veteran in Unity games, and is coming onto JustAsHigh to help pioneer Herløv and has been hard at work modeling out the game, marketplace, and smart contracts.

We’re beyond excited to bring him onto the team.

Where we’re at

After the community poll, we realized the game itself may be the most desired aspect of what we’re building. We’ve been focused on building the contracts and assets for the Herløv NFTs, and we will be creating regular updates on game development and release updates.

Our goals may be lofty, but we think we’re going to be spearheading much of the NFT BSC gaming world.


Thank you for your continued support, our tribe is stronger than ever, and soon we’ll have a powerful ecosystem to work with. herlov

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