📣 Announcing JAH & Our First Title.

Why hello there!

We are Just-As-High studios, and we are proud to announce our first game title Herløv!

Our team members come from the Flash games world, and have always wanted to develop a high quality, community-driven game. It’s been a big dream for each of us and we are beyond excited to start on the progress of our new game Herløv. The word Herløv is derived from the Old Norse word “Herrlof”, meaning “praise gained in war” or “a sign of victory, a trophy”.

Herløv is an online-multiplayer PVP Viking fighting game with some interesting twists:

  • Skill focused fighting mechanics are our biggest priority. Your skill will actually determine you’re worth in this Viking world.
  • Herløv will feature utility with the community crypto initiative SafeRune and NFTs. The equipment system will use the ERC1155 specification and SafeRune will be used to forge items and recharge certain abilities.
  • Forge and Marketplace for equipment.
  • Ragnarök Battle Mode. Prepare to gain or lose real-value based game items depending who the victor is.
  • So much more that will be shared in the near future!

We have begun production with a team of developers and artists. Our team is focusing on creating the NFT assets, 3D character models and the skill-based fighting mechanics. Below are some early stages of our Viking character artwork and NFT weapon assets currently being worked on.

Soon all top SafeRune holders will be airdropped exclusive gen-1 equipment as we approach our Alpha version. The rarity of the equipment will be determined by the amount of SafeRune they hold and the equipment drop will be at random. Stay on your toes and stay tuned for details!

For more details about SafeRune, check out the website saferune.com for more information.

We are happy to get the ball rolling on this game. We have a lot of awesome ideas we plan to implement into Herløv with the community as a guide — and it’s going to be a fun adventure working on it’s development.

We will be posting updates, so expect to check back here as we spin up our exciting developer diary!