Greetings, Vikings! We want to update you on game progress, NFT marketplace, and drops as well as a new team member. It’s a slow process, but we’re seeing progress. 🤓 All about NFTS Let’s start with Fungible and Non Fungible Tokens. What is the difference between regular cryptocurrency and Non-fungible token? Non fungible tokens are...
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Why hello there! We are Just-As-High studios, and we are proud to announce our first game title Herløv! Our team members come from the Flash games world, and have always wanted to develop a high quality, community-driven game. It’s been a big dream for each of us and we are beyond excited to start on...
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Studio Head

“Lane started in the world of Flash game development during the Kongregate, NewGrounds era. He moved to doing Data Science + Software Engineering at a few companies before diving back into game dev.”


Blockchain Lead

“Morgan has been in crypto + NFTs since 2015 and is an avid gamer and lover of Viking Lore. He studied software development and programming as well as decentralize tech.”


Lead Game Developer

“Hazma has been making games for many years, is skilled and familiar with the frontend, networking, and crypto side of game development.”

2D Artist

Community Manager